Bed Head Tourmaline Wave Artist Deep Waver

Tourmaline Wave Artist Deep Waver

Tourmaline Wave Artist Deep Waver


  • DEEP WAVER: Double the amount of tourmaline ceramic technology is used to provide huge shine and results that are frizz-free and long-lasting.
  • ALL TYPES OF HAIR: This waver is perfect for all hair types, from thin to coarse, thanks to its many heat settings.
  • ADVANCED: Comes with a plate-locking switch for compact storage and a tangle-free swivel rope for styling convenience.
  • QUICK & EASY: With High Heat up to 400 F, its deep barrel design waves the hair fast and easily, and instant heat recovery assures constant heat.
  • TRAVEL READY: It has a dual voltage that is compatible with all countries, allowing you to take it wherever your wanderlust takes you.
  • TAKE A LOOK: Lightly clamp a tiny portion of hair between the barrels, starting at the roots, and hold for a few seconds.

Introducing an amazing DEEP WAVER, the ultimate solution for achieving gorgeous, beachy waves with unprecedented ease and precision. With its cutting-edge technology and versatile features, you’ll experience hair transformation like never before.

Unleash the Shine: Our DEEP WAVER is equipped with a powerful double dosage of tourmaline ceramic technology. This innovative feature not only adds massive shine to your locks but also ensures frizz-free, long-lasting results that will turn heads wherever you go.

Perfect for All Hair Types: No matter your hair type, our DEEP WAVER has you covered. With multiple heat settings, it caters to every hair type, from fine and thin to thick and coarse. Say goodbye to hair envy and hello to luscious waves that suit your unique style.

Advanced Convenience: We understand the importance of convenience in your beauty routine. Our DEEP WAVER features a plate-locking switch, allowing for effortless storage in minimal space. The tangle-free swivel cord enhances maneuverability, making styling your hair a breeze.

Fast & Effortless Styling: Thanks to the deep barrel design, you can quickly and easily create stunning waves. The DEEP WAVER boasts High Heat capabilities up to 400˚ F, ensuring your waves are set in place with precision. Plus, with instant heat recovery, you’ll enjoy consistent heat throughout your styling session.

Ready to Travel: For those with a jet-setting spirit, our DEEP WAVER is your ideal companion. It comes with worldwide dual voltage compatibility, meaning you can take it with you to any corner of the globe. Achieve your signature waves wherever your wanderlust takes you.

Get the Look: Achieving the perfect waves is a cinch with our DEEP WAVER. Simply start at the roots, lightly clamp a small section of hair between the barrels, and hold for a few seconds. For continuous waves, match the outermost wave and work it down your hair. Whether you desire subtle waves or full-on beach babe vibes, the DEEP WAVER empowers you to create the look you want effortlessly.

Transform your hair game with the DEEP WAVER – where innovation meets beauty, and your dream waves become a reality. Say hello to frizz-free, glossy waves that turn heads and radiate confidence. Grab your DEEP WAVER today and let your hair speak volumes about your style.


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