LeapFrog Learning Friends 100 Words Book

LeapFrog Learning Friends 100 Words Book


LeapFrog Learning Friends 100 Words Book


  • Meet learning friends Turtle
  • Touch words and listen
  • Words, songs, and instructions can be heard in both English and Spanish for a full bilingual experience
  • Word categories include
LeapFrog Learning Friends 100 Words Book
LeapFrog Learning Friends 100 Words Book

Introducing Learning Friends Turtle, Tiger, and Monkey – Your Child’s Ultimate Language Learning Companions!

Are you ready to embark on a journey of language exploration and discovery with your little one? Look no further than our Learning Friends Language Learning Book, carefully curated by learning experts to introduce over 100 age-appropriate words in the most engaging and interactive way possible.

A World of Words at Your Fingertips:

Our Learning Friends Turtle, Tiger, and Monkey are here to guide your child through the exciting world of language. With word categories ranging from pets and animals to food, mealtime, colors, activities, opposites, and the great outdoors, your child will have a blast while building their vocabulary.

Interactive Learning Experience:

This innovative book isn’t just about words; it’s about a hands-on learning adventure. Your child can touch the words on the pages, and the book responds with not only the spoken word but also captivating sound effects and intriguing fun facts. Plus, with just a press of the light-up star button, your child can enjoy the catchy Learning Friends theme song and the delightful “My Favorite Word.”

Bilingual Brilliance:

Prepare your child for a multicultural world with our bilingual experience. Words, songs, and instructions can be enjoyed in both English and Spanish, offering a well-rounded linguistic journey that sets the stage for future language proficiency.

Designed for Growing Minds:

This language learning book is intended for children aged 18+ months. It’s the perfect companion as your child transitions from babbling to building their vocabulary. To keep the fun going, the book comes with 2 AA batteries included for demo purposes. We recommend replacing them with fresh batteries for regular use.

Perfectly Sized for Little Hands:

Our Learning Friends Language Learning Book is designed with little explorers in mind. Its compact dimensions of 9.4″ wide x 9.2″ height x 1.9″ depth make it easy for your child to handle and enjoy, whether at home or on the go.

Give your child the gift of language and curiosity with the Learning Friends Language Learning Book. It’s not just a book; it’s a captivating adventure that sparks a lifelong love for learning. Watch as your child’s vocabulary blossoms, and their thirst for knowledge grows with every touch. Get yours today and set them on a path to language brilliance!


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